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The content may not be copied to another computer, transmitted, published, reproduced, stored, manipulated, projected, or altered in any way, Any violations of this can be punishable by law. Riley POV. What is it with boys and showing their chest when they win something?

Is it some warped form of dominance display, originated from our monkey ancestors? Chicos slimming capris snort unattractively at the thought, before rolling my eyes at my loopy brother. My hands dart out to trap his waist in my grasp, and I pull him to my lap to tickle him. I smile smugly in return: Yoshi always wins and he knows it. Reluctantly, I swing my legs from my comfy spot in the bean bag and follow my brother downstairs, knowing full well that by the time my aching legs have gotten back up here, he will have stolen my place.

Ugh, sibling rivalry. As soon as I've entered the kitchen, I'm hit with the heart-warmingly familiar aroma that is mom's cooking.

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She's always loved to bake and I've always loved caffeine, therefore totalling in a kitchen that constantly smells like the interior of a Starbucks store. Not that I'm complaining, honestly. I turn to mom herself, who's icing a batch of white chocolate cupcakes at the moment. She glances up as I head over, offering me a sugar-dusted smile. In one fluid movement, she leans back and dusts her palms on her apron.

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Come and have a look at this! Throwing her a confused glance, I put my head in the gap and look out.

Chicos slimming capris I see surprises me greatly. We have new neighbours.

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Parked next door, in the house that has been empty for five years, is a large green moving truck. Its enormous frame completely shadows that of chicos slimming capris small red car beside it, and I find my curiosity seeps into my gaze as I watch the people exiting the car.

A woman steps out first, balancing a small girl on her hip. Her hair is scraped back into a clasp and her features are delicate and feminine. My small glance sideways confirms that mom is already interested- she's always wanted a friend that lives locally. The girl chicos slimming capris woman carries appears around four, with the cutest baby face I've ever laid eyes on and two brunette bunches either side of her head. I'm not sure who I was expecting next, but it definitely wasn't the alluring, moody boy that I see now.

He looks around my age, and from what I can see of his ebony hair and angled jaw, he's hot. No chicos slimming capris the population of the student body will completely swarm this one. My eyes instantly lock onto him as he threads his fingers through his hair, but suddenly his gaze snaps to mine and I freeze.

After a second of hesitation, I jerk away from the window as though it's on fire and I can sense my cheeks burning already. He must think I'm such a creep. Surprisingly, by the time I've recovered courage enough to peek through again, he doesn't look affected in the slightest- bored, almost. Suddenly realising that I probably look incredibly strange, creeping on the neighbours with only my head in view, I withdraw from the curtains and pull them closed swiftly, turning on my heel to face a now grinning mother.

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She wiggles her eyebrows at me, dancing forward to trap my waist in her hands and press a small kiss against my forehead. New neighbours for the first time in years I mean, Lindale isn't exactly the most famous hotspot in Oregon. My nose wrinkles as I peer at the remnants of our fridge: basically consisting of wafer ham, flavoured water and an old piece of lettuce.

Fun, right?

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Mom shrugs in reply, slapping my hand away as I reach for a cupcake without even looking up. She knows me way too well. Obviously healthy stuff doesn't count as food. She sticks her tongue out mockingly at me, and I'm momentarily stunned by how alike we are.

The truth is, mom and I are similar in more ways than one. Along with our almost matching appearance- auburn curls and the palest of the pale skin, we're both sarcastic and jokey, with an abnormally weird side. Thus the musical marathons we have on Sunday nights Just as I'm thinking about what homework I have, my phone vibrates in my pocket.

An amused smile curves my lips as a particularly horrific picture of Violet pops onto the screen.

No doubt it will be entertaining; Violet never uses her phone unless it's urgent. Stupid period had to come today, when I'm wearing white trousers. Plus, he has the table manners of a complete pig! He spilt water down me for chrissakes!

You're wearing your cardigan aren't you? Well, tie it around your waist to cover the trouser stains and tell him you have tummy ache.

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Works every time. Do you think he'll believe the tummy ache story? I have studying to do and you, my friend, need to get your ass back on that date. Chill your tits woman, I'm going. I wouldn't say that Violet and I are polar opposites, but we are definitely very different.

Whilst I usually stay quiet around strangers, she's the slightly gabby, funny one out of us two.

I remember when she dyed her hair purple in sophomore year, and slapped a jock for calling her a witch. She really doesn't give a damn, and I guess that's what I respect about her.

I head straight to my small desk, observing my messy surroundings in a small glance. The far wall is a deep purple, almost completely masked by posters of bands and concert tickets.

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I think its second hand, but I really don't care- it's my prize possession. I practically went through cardiac arrest when they split up. My bed is an unruly mess, as always. It is right opposite the window, which is in exactly the same position of that from the neighbouring house- meaning either side can see perfectly into the other. What sort of a messed up architect would design that? Especially now that we have neighbours I tiptoe into the who's in curtains towards the window and cautiously peer around the window frame room opposite.